Body, Mind in balance


Glad you stopped by! Rhonda offers private coaching sessions for yoga, training, and in person and new online nutrition and workouts through Precision Nutrition; she also offers small group classes as well! 

About Rhonda Hart


Rhonda worked as a counsellor and facilitator for over 10 years.  

Working in the field brought several challenges and successes, and helped her develop a skill set that allowed her to work with a very diverse population.  

Rhonda's eclectic background has led her to understand how no one path leads to happiness and health.


 Completing certifications in yoga, in various styles of yoga, personal training, and coaching, and Thai Yoga massage, Rhonda found herself immersed in  a lifelong pursuit of learning and teaching.  She has just completed her level 1 with  Precision Nutrition. 

 Rhonda has been active all her adult life, and like most women she struggled with finding and maintaining a healthy weight, being both 25 pounds heavier and lighter then she is now.  Rhonda has a solid understanding of the role of nutrition and exercise, in particular the benefits for women to strength and keep conditioned as we age.  Being 52, Rhonda is aware of the continued discipline it takes to be a active women at this age, it's not so forgiving, and takes a real commitment to keep focused!  

Outside of training and work, Rhonda has run obstacle races, trained in fitness boxing/kickboxing, hiking and camping  She has also completed several triathlons, obstacle races, and running road and trail races throughout her years in Victoria.

What are you waiting for? Don't you deserve a healthy happy life?  Be your BEST self!