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Little Redfern Studio & Class Info

Located in upper Fairfield, close to the Oak Bay border,  the studio comes equipped with a host of props and equipment for the various classes offered at the studio.  With rope walls for deep stretching to suspension training systems for strength training, to a heavy bag for boxing; the studio offers everything and more for the variety of class and private offerings being held daily.

It's a serene space for yoga practice, transformed into an intense space for training sessions!

SPRING DATES are here!

Full registration and punchcards (pls see the NOTE BELOW for new policies spring 2018) are available for MOST classes.  Feel free to email me through the inquiry buttons below and Rhonda will get back to about availability or with any questions.   Students and prospective clients are encouraged to read our policies and guidelines, all located at the bottom of the page.  In addition to the main studio, Rhonda offers classes in the Upper Hall, located at the Lutheran Church of the Cross at 3787 Cedar Hill Road.  Bootcamp classes meet at central outdoor locations for most months of the year.  

Punchcards: the amounts are not on the website or on the payment page as they are limited, and by request only.  Need one?  Please email me -

New!  payment options:  Please note, I've just added a "payment page" above. Please check out the description, email Rhonda to see if there's space in the class then payment can be accepted!  

Hatha Yoga

Mondays: April 9-June 18  6:45 - 8:05 pm (no class May 21) $140 with tax 10 weeks  (note time pls)


 Early Morning Tuesday Yoga -(extra focus on the core) April 10-June 19   8 - 9 am ~ $161.70  with tax              11 wks (no class April 3 between sessions)

Tuesdays: Yoga -April 10-June 19th~9:30 -10:45 am  $167.50 with tax                   11 weeks



Two class offerings with separate registration.

Start the week off right with Monday evenings Hatha class in the upper hall space, that focuses on strengthening, [core muscles in particular], stretching, and alignment. These poses will leave you feeling balanced in your body.  Great for runners and for those looking to enter the week with their best feet forward. [email for punchcard rate please]

Tuesday early am has a special emphasis on warming the body focusing on core strengthening, with time for leg and hip stretches at the end.


Tuesday morning is another  well-rounded practice in the studio.    Practice poses that mobilize you in the morning, then find both length and strength using the yoga rope wall for a thorough and deep stretch.  Start your day off  with an active and enjoyable class.   [email for punchcard rate please- punchcard is for classes for this term only please]

Women's Only Bootcamp 

Mondays: ~April 9-June 18  10 weeks $147.00  with tax  5:25-6:25 pm Location: all outside central locations- Note time pls

Thursdays: April 5-June 14   ~11 weeks $161.70 with tax  All sessions are outside at the studio)   5:30-6:30 pm 

REGISTRATION is ongoing 


Two workouts per week offering both strength and conditioning that help promote lean muscle mass.  These are cross-training workouts, outdoor for most of the year.  Perfect for those already running/cycling or active and want to build strength, especially core strength.

Tuesday pm focus: HITT style workouts -strength/cardio intervals that are great for burning calories. (you don't need to be a runner for this workout) 

Thursday pm focus: Running/running drills/speed work mixed with strength building exercises.  A great compliment to your running program. 

Take 1 or 2 classes a week! Registration is on-ongoing, so if you're joining us mid way- the rate will be pro-rated.  Smaller group training for a good safe experience!  -some punchcards are available for this term only please]

Another great workout! So fun and varied, that’s why I keep coming back
— Kayo

Yoga for Strength

Wednesdays April 11- June 20 (no class April 4th between sessions)                   

11 weeks $173.25 with tax                                    

 5:15 -6:45 pm   


A whole body strengthening yoga practice at the studio with emphasis on good alignment; practice postures that both challenge the newer and experienced practitioner.  

Always time for deep leg, hip and back releases letting the body absorb the spaciousness you've created. 

[email for punchcard rate please--

I just wanted to thank you for all your excellent care and attention you put into our classes. It’s obvious you put a lot of thought and preparation into each and every session. I know there is a lot of behind the scenes effort and I appreciate it. Looking forward as always to the continuing sessions.
— Dennis


Thursdays- April 5-June 14    

11 weeks $161.70 with tax               9:00-10:00 am 




Deep focus on core strengthening exercises/poses for 1/2 of the practice, (using the mini balls, weights, followed by a deep stretch (focused on releasing the hips/gluts/back, using the rope wall, and supported Contract-Relax poses [stretchthereapy]   


Yoga for Strength~ Flow

Thursdays April 12-June 20                               

11 wks    $173.25 with tax      




A warming flowing practice at the end of the week.

Creating mobility and space in the body, this practice will help the body unwind.  This practice always concludes with deep hip leg and back stretches to leave you feeling supple and relaxed at the end of the week.  

 [email for punchcard rate please--

When my first yoga session with Rhonda ended, I knew that I had found “my” yoga studio. The comfortable space, the endless supply of props and Rhonda’s warm, welcoming and lighthearted personality were what initially impressed me. Now, after many consecutive sessions, I have developed a deep appreciation for Rhonda’s ability to remember the ‘ailments’ of every class member. Her years of experience and knowledge of anatomy allows her to modify the poses, so that all of us can safely participate. The other bonus of attending one of her classes, …you do not leave without laughing at least once!
— Sue Scotnicki BA, R.M.T.



I really enjoy Rhonda’s classes. She is continually studying many different disciplines of yoga and that allows her to be very creative in her teaching style.
Each class will focus on a different theme that she guides you through with her positive, lighthearted and helpful attitude. Her classes always spur me on to get the most benefit possible.
— Laura G
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Policies and how to prepare for classes:

Refunds: signed up for a class and can’t attend after all: (a FULL refund is possible if you cancel BEFORE the class starts) If you cancel after classes have started, a partial refund is available provided your spot can be filled with someone on the waitlist or if you find someone to fill your spot. 3 weeks into the class, no refunds available, sorry.

-Please note it is quite common to miss at least 2 classes due to illness or vacation during a 11-13 week session.  IF you need to split your payment into 2 to make it work for you, please DO!  [just leave me a post-dated cheque for the 2nd please]

NEW (spring 2018) Policies for classes: Can't attend a whole session? There are a couple of options, there is 1 punchcard per class per session, ($1.50 more/class), pro-rated if you join us for the full session if it's already started, full drop-in ($2.50 more/class) if space allows. [pls email me]

(**exceptions to this is when neighbours on the street attend classes, who I feel I inconvience all the time with the studio in the neighbourhood).  I've had to become stricter in this policy due to multiple requests.  I appreciate your understanding in trying to run my small business.  Classes are small and are affordable for the Victoria area compared with other studios in town.  Sometimes when classes are full, and you wish to not lose your "spot" in your favorite class, you can save it by registering for the whole class.  Again, appreicate your understanding. 

-Please note ALL classes are dynamic in nature and are meant for HEALTHY bodies (no chronic back or disc related issues unless you are coming for individual post-rehab sessions)

Sorry, no make-up classes available.

Please arrive 5-10 min. for classes, especially for yoga classes. This allows time to settle in, connect with others etc.

-Most props are provided, with some exceptions. For yoga, most people prefer their own mat.

-Please bring water to classes, and ALWAYS work within your own abilities.

-Lastly, please disclose any past or current injuries as it’s very helpful in making the class a safe and good experience.