Eat better, feel better, move better...,  NEW intake coming Sept.!  Need support before that-get in touch!

       Whether you feel a little "off-track" or completely off the rails with your eating, it all comes down to habits.  It's not about a dieting forever, for forever restriction.  Getting back on track is about tuning in, being conscious about what you're putting in to fuel your body.  We all get out of touch with our bodies, I've been 25 pounds on either side of my "ideal" weight (the weight I feel good at, not just physically, but how I feel in my clothes, in my activties, how I move) It's not just about the number on the scale; most of us have done years of calorie restriction, over exercising, or not being content with the bodies we're given.  I got tired of it, at 52, I want to make piece with my body; to eat to fuel my activites, to have enough energy for whatever I decide to take on, but I know what worked in my 30's and 40's didn't work anymore.  I'll help you to tune in, listen and observe what feels good, and what doesn't.  And, even if foods are tempting, and the process is difficult because of age, hormones, metabolism slowing down, there is a way to feel in control again.  Rhonda has a particular interest in supporting women 40 + to find more ease and peace with their bodies. 

Rhonda offers both in-person and online coaching in both nutrition and in-person training.  A Precision Nutrition level 1 graduate, soon to be Level 2, Rhonda has access to "Pro-Coach." It's an extensive online training softwareplatform for success with healthy eating and structured strength training programs.  Through this program and individualized coaching support YOU can do this!

 Whether you want a  like Pro-coach offers for nutrition that's "habit based" and or a structured fitness regime, or a one-on-one program tailored to YOUR goals, Rhonda can be your guide.  

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When you eat better, you feel better and you MOVE better! it's TRUE!


     Please contact Rhonda through her email address to find out if individual coaching is right for you and for the pricing!