Eat better, feel better, move better...,  NEW intake coming April 15th.  Join us!

      Rhonda offers both in-person and online coaching in both nutrition and in personal training.  A Precision Nutrition level 1 graduate, soon to be Level 2, Rhonda has access to "Pro-Coach." It's an extensive online training softwareplatform for success with healthy eating and structured strength training programs.

 Whether you want a  like Pro-coach offers for nutrition that's "habit based" and or a structured fitness regime, or a one-on-one program tailored to YOUR goals, Rhonda can be your guide.  Most of Rhonda's clients are women 40+, so if you've been struggling with your weight, are frustrated that your good old strategies aren't working like they used to, you're not alone.  As we age, we need to tweak what we've been doing to be at our best!  Choose your program, nutrition only, workouts only, or a combo of both.  

When you eat better, you feel better and you MOVE better! it's TRUE!


     Please contact Rhonda through her email address to find out if individual coaching is right for you and for the pricing!