21 Day Challenge info!


Print off if you like, or use your own tracker.

Print off if you like, or use your own tracker.


Simply track what you do (all of you are already active, so just mark down on this calendar or track in your favourite way) At the end of every week if it’ll help with your accountability email it to me.

This challenge is about moving! During holidays or breaks from classes/privates it’s easy to just not do it, then it’s SO hard to come back to the same level you were already working at. So, keep moving!

TIP 1- don’t talk yourself out it. I’ll give you an example, yesterday after a 3 day (first part of family holiday) stint with family, I came home, knew I wanted/needed to exercise, but what I needed first was a lie down (20 guided meditation, followed by a 20 min. nap-all with some cat company!) If I would have done my exercise instead of this first it won’t have gone well, I was too depleted. However, I know myself well, (and my tendencies!), if I would have thought about it too much during my lie down, created a big expectation, I probably would have talked myself out it. So, for me, it’s better to not think about it, do what’s in front of me, not AHEAD of me, then don’t think about it, just do it, then it’s done.

TIP 2-less is more! Don’t have time/energy for a full on workout, every 10 min. of movement counts-over the course of a day, you walk X3 10 min. count it! 30 min.

TWO video links - HOW to use them? Both in REAL time, so you can follow along.

Mobility sequence-before any of your movement activities (goal-warm up, get that great fluid juiced up around your joints, warm your muscles, get your body ready for movement).

Short Core Practice-do as a short stand alone at the end of a full body workout or walk/run, or do as a sequence, then repeat up to X3 times.


Hello! If you’re here you’re either thinking of taking part or are already signed up!

The challenge starts as of Dec. 26th, so before that date I’ll send you the codes to access the couple of short video sequences, and will send the copy of a calendar you can fill out, or do one electronically and send to me at the end of the challenge. Most of you are already active! This challenge isn’t a competitive thing (unless it’s helpful for you to set goals etc.) IT’s set up for folks to keep up with their practices/workouts during the break from classes and private sessions.

Please track in 30 min. segments. It doesn’t matter what kind of activity you’re doing-walking-hiking-gym workouts, etc. IT all counts. Just keep track. For instance for me this am, my intention was a 45 min. easy run-felt like crap, so got a 20 min. run in (lame as it was, still got it in), 20 min. walk, 10 min. stretch. I would add it up and mark it down. The calendar also might give you some info about how to be and stay successful with fitting in activity to your day!

Also-BONUS- by staying active over the holidays, any stress will MELT away, (humm, we’ll all work on this one right!) and it’ll help you make better choices for food/beverages that you might be having.

What you get-a couple of videos along the way (mobility, core, strength, maybe a stretch one coming), a few tips to stay on track, 2 prizes that will be done in a raffle - 1. a $40 gift card to Wholefoods, and 2. a $25 gift package of self care goodies!

5 Minutes of Mobility

Short Core Practice

Meditations~ Hip Stretch Sequence ~ Core Maintenance Practice~ SCROLL down!

Please enjoy these short guided meditation practices.  If you find them helpful, please let me know!

resized buddha.jpg

Short practices for Maintenance! 1 for your core, thanks to www.sarahboothphotography.com for these practice pictures.


Test Dec. 13th 5:18