Specialty Services~


Most of Rhonda's work is done at the studio, offering private corrective exercise, yoga, and/or personal training sessions.   Rhonda is well-rounded in her own approach to health and fitness for herself and she brings this well-rounded approach to her clients.  Find your balance with specialized programs that fits your personal needs and goals. 
NEW FOR THE NEW YEAR!  Rhonda is completing her second level of Precision Nutrition, coaching for nutrition and health.  Please stay tuned!

  • Coming back after being away from exercise for a bit? Coming back after an injury?  Not ready for a class because of an ongoing issue in the body?  Rhonda will work with other professionals involved on your team who have suggested yoga and/or one-on-one training.  Sessions will  both mobilize the body, strengthen areas of weakness, and stretch your tight areas.  One-on-one sessions are designed just for you, relieving pain, stiffness, increasing awareness of how to keep the body strong and supple.  Whether your goals are the pursuit of physical activities you love and enjoy, or simply having reduced pain, individual sessions give you the opportunity to explore your goals. 


  • Yoga for those with special needs: Rhonda's past work as a counsellor for children, youth and young adults with a range of disabilities and abilities gives her this unique ability to bring all the benefits of yoga to this population with the sensitivity of past counselling experience.  Yoga is very helpful for increasing body awareness, balance, focus and concentration, managing anxiety and other behaviours that an individual might be dealing with.  Rhonda also can come to your classroom to provide instruction.
Rhonda has been worked with a number of our young adults with diverse abilities for the past few years. She excels at seeing individual strengths and building on them and also identifying areas of need and designing her program to work on these in a highly effective way.
— Arlene Zuckernick, Family Lead, InclusionWorks! Victoria


  •  Personal Training sessions: Individual training sessions  in the studio provide varied workouts that build lean muscle mass.  A variety of equipment is used for workouts including the TRX, push-pull cables, stability balls, balance boards, boxing and kickboxing drills.  These individual sessions will help you meet your overall fitness and weight-loss goals all done with providing safe and effective workouts. Rhonda is trained in a variety of methods of strength and conditioning, so will cater the workouts to you or you and a friend(s)!  Whether you're training for functional fitness (to move better for your fitness pursuits, or training for some specific event such as running/triathlon) Rhonda can help you achieve your health and fitness goals. 


  • Individual Sessions for weight loss/maintenance/coaching and accountability: Individual physical training sessions, offering strategies for successful weight loss or maintenance, Rhonda will help you in setting manageable goals, what's working and what's clearly not.  Rhonda has her level 1 of Precision Nutrition Certification.  You can expect sound advice for healthy mindful eating to achieve your best health and wellness.  Rhonda's training is specific for those active folks who want good recovery practices for their workouts. 
  • Thai Yoga Massage: a deep stretch- it's like having yoga "done for you."  This floor fully clothed massage is a combination of yoga stretches, pressure points and energy lines.  Sessions are 60 or 90 minutes and leave you with the feeling of being "worked" without having to do all the "work." Sorry, no new folks at this time, please leave your name on a waitlist if you're interested. 


RETREAT! Tamela and I are looking at some venues for another retreat in 2017!  Please stay tuned!